Hear - Think - Do

Our Hear - Think - Do Groups are grounded in the Lectio divina style of prayer and reading. Lectio Divina, Latin for “divine reading,” is a devotional reading of Scripture that has existed for over 1,700 years. 

This practice emerged when literacy rates were low, and accessibility to written texts was few and far between. Communities of believers used this method to enable followers of Jesus—with or without a copy of the Bible (or an ability to read it)—to receive God’s Word and consider how to respond; to hear, think, and do. 

This style of prayerful reading is designed to slow us down, to invite us to listen and dwell on each word God has intentionally chosen for the Bible. We are given the chance to contemplate what we have heard, to allow the word to wash over us and point us toward God in prayer. Once we hear and we think, we are reminded to respond to what God is saying to us. To find an invitation to join God in his work here on earth and to step into those moments and situation God has appointed for us.

How To Participate

Our Hear - Think - Do Groups are comprised of 3-4 people, gender specific. Groups are open to anyone and everyone, feel free to get 2-3 other people and start a group yourself. The groups meet four times throughout the summer months at a time and location convenient with the whole group. The directions for each meeting and scripture to be read is located in the document below. 

If you have any questions about finding or creating a group  email the Leadership HERE