All Are Welcome At The King's Table

The name for our Children's Ministry was inspired by two passages, 2 Samuel 9 and Luke 14. In both of these stories we are shown that all people are welcomed to eat at God's Table. To sit with royalty was a high honor that was only reserved for a select few, but at Jesus' table all are welcome. Regardless of status, or even age, God extends his grace and favor to all people. It is our mission to welcome, love, and feed truth to all who take part in this ministry.

What Sunday Morning Looks Like For Your Child

at King's Table

When you come to church on a Sunday you will be directed to our Connect Table to check your child in with one of our trained ministry leaders. You and your child will both receive stickers with their name written on them. Only someone with your child's matching sticker will be able to pick your child up from our volunteers.

The children will be dismissed during the service. We value families having the opportunity to worship together as much as possible and so your children will be with you during the beginning of the service as well as at the end of our time together.

A typical Sunday morning in King's Table looks something like this:

  • Supervised play time until all Children are upstairs. (This allows them to "get the wiggles out" and get adjusted to their surroundings.) If you come to church late, that's ok, follow the signs to head upstairs to the King's Table room to check your child in.
  • The children will then head to their designated classroom for their lesson of the day. At King's Table we teach children Bible stories that help to reveal God's character, His love, and the Gospel. (Often times we will have a craft or activity that goes along with the lesson as well as something to bring home to help parents reinforce the lessons being taught on a Sunday.)
  • When you hear the truth of scripture, you want to respond, and so we respond with singing and dancing! We sing and dance to worship songs, instilling in the children a desire to respond to who God is, and to show them that church is fun!
  • We wrap up the morning with some structured play time until it is time to rejoin the adults for closing worship.
  • After communion there will be a reminder slide instructing you to head to the Connect Table to pick your children up.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our King's Table ministry please email us at