Community Groups

Our Community Groups exist to help us as a church build relationships and pursue spiritual growth together. We want these groups to help us put action to the words we say and the beliefs we hold. we use these groups as a safe place to ask questions, share our lives, and encourage one another to pursue Christ. We do this through Fellowship, Prayer, Study, and Service. 

We are offering two styles of Community Groups. Pick one that works for you. All of our groups will study the same material: "Jesus' Most Famous Parables", a free book made available by CF. The books will be available beginning September 10th at the church building.

1. Weekly Groups meet consistently on the same day at the same time at the same place. For the people who like structure. Those groups will meet:

  -Tuesdays 10am Open to Men & Women

  -Tuesdays 1:30pm Open To Women Only

2. Flexible Groups. These groups meet, whenever and where-ever they can. Groups meet 3 times a month. For the people who need options and variety. Groups are formed  by YOU! Ideally groups will be 3-5 people, and one of them will be responsible for being the point person to CF Leadership. Strengthen existing relationships, build new ones, this is a chance to develop the community CF together!

If you want help connecting with a group or you have any questions regarding our Community Groups please contact Pastor Tim HERE